These necklace, bracelet and earring sets are characterized by diversity and harmony both in shape and style. The pieces are composed with freshwater pearls, gemstones, crafted cloisonné beads, and crystals. Each piece is inspired by a different period or trend, or emerges from a specific work of art, or may even attempt to reproduce a piece from a specific painting.  

The sets are crafted asymmetrically, matinee and multi-stringed. The colours are subtle or vibrant. The textures are opaque or translucent. The result yields a look that transcends function and trend and simply looks fabulous.  


Semi precious stonesRhinestones
Freshwater pearlsGlass
CrystalMother of pearl
Handmade cloisonnéSculpted and hand painted wood
Murano glass beadsPorcelain
Painted glass beadsGemstones