Randolph S. Hewton (1888-1960) Miss Mary Macintosh, 1924 or before, Peter Dobell, Photo by David Barbour

The Roaring 20s

It is the end of the first world war. There is euphoria in the air. A sense of liberalization colours the cultural atmosphere and ignites several artistic movements such as the Beaver Hall Group in Montreal. 

This jewelry collection is crafted with luxurious hematites, faceted agates, crystals, jade and Rhinestones. Although the style of the jewelry is in keeping with the style of the time, it is very much suited for today's fashion. 

 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 2015

The photos above are a sample of the items in the exhibit gift shop.

NecklacesFrom $60 to $200
BraceletsFrom $50 to $65
EarringsFrom $24 to $30
Key chains From $24 to $30
BroochesFrom $24 to $30
BookmarksFrom $24 to $30

Prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD)