Endowed with a rich legacy of artisans, Joâ's childhood is spent in the culturally colourful region of the lower Saint Lawrence River in Québec. She grew up surrounded by this majestic scenery that inspires her still today. As a child, her imagination is filled with characters and costumes and she becomes interested in gemstones, native beading and ancient embroidery. At the beginning of her career, she creates giant marionettes, animal masques, opera sets and costumes for groups such as Les Échassiers de la Baie (known today as The Cirque du Soleil). Next, she invests her creativity in hat making.

For the last 25 years, Joâ has devoted herself to her true passion: beads. In her Montreal studio, she creates custom jewellery and accessories for museum gift shops. Her necklaces, earrings, bookmarks, key chains, letter openers and chains for glasses are inspired by cultures around the globe. Through the objects she wields, art history becomes a collection of legends and stories that find a new voice.

Her curiosity and an open spirit fuel her creativity and guide her eye in looking for shapes and textures that turns the objects she makes into pieces that transcend fashion and trends.